We really need your help.

During recent years anonfiles has grown at a very rapid pace.

So fast we have found ourselves running into severe hardware limitations.

A substantial amount of our ad revenue goes into paying for the vast amount of traffic the site generates.

Since traffic is expensive we have been able to tackle most of our growth through software optimization, pushing the limits of the resources we have at hand.

Hardware upgrades has been done in very small iterations simply due to lack of money.

It has now come to a point where all software related options for serving our users as fast as possible (or even at all) are exhausted. Our current hardware are on its knees, and things are starting to shatter.

If you have encountered the famous 502 Service Unavailable or your downloads are ridiculously slow, it is not because we are rate limiting anyone.

The reason for this is our current hardware can not keep up with the number of distinct files being served simultaneously.

A whole lot of sacrifice by a lot of people have been made along the way to make this possible. But we still see it as a privilege to give people around the world the possibility to share files truly anonymously. We refuse Google Analytics and do not block TOR users.

It is our wish to be able to continue doing this. But we need your help!

How to contribute

We usually don´t make much noise and we don´t like asking for money.

But we are in a desperate need of donations to upgrade our servers.

All donations will go directly to the following upgrades:

  • NVMe drives to dramatically increase download speed. This is the root cause of the problem, our current fleet of SATA SSDs are 100% utilized.
  • Modern servers to fully utilize the NVMEs.
  • Harddrives to increase file retention (time before deletion) of uploaded files.

For safety concerns we have agreed upon only accepting cryptocurrency donations.

Bitcoin donation address:


We change the address occasionally for the sake of anonymity, former still works.

Monero donation address:


Even the smallest donation will make a huge difference for the quality of anonfiles.

All donations are anonymous. If you would like to donate to a secret bitcoin address or wish to appear with your donation on a future donation attribution page, use our feedback form.